Welcome to Aureside

The Home Automation Brazilian Association

AURESIDE’s main objective is to promote the Brazilian Home and Building Automation Market by being the focal point for all professionals (integrators, service providers and manufacturers) and being the reference center for engineers, architects, end users who need support in benefitting from these systems.

As a focal point for integrators and service providers we offer a series of activities and programs which include certified training for integrators, ancillary courses to expand their knowledge to related areas, seminars, exhibitions and updated news. To manufacturers, we offer a channel to reach our associates, the resources to deliver training to integrators, engineers and architects, and consultancy to international companies to start their businesses in Brazil.

AURESIDE covers the full country, is constantly offering trainings in major Brazilian cities and is present on all major trade shows, presenting lectures and giving guidance to those who are considering to become integrators. Our main office is in São Paulo, the economic and technological center, and where most of the manufacturers and corporate users are established.

Follow the link below for further details and how to contact us.

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